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May 6 2017
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Since ancient times from the person to the person the stories freezing heart about vampires and werewolves were transferred. For the first time about them started talking long before emergence of a cinema. These evil spirits in every possible way were afraid, and inquisition burned on a fire of all at whom, in their opinion, canines grew. The subject of vampires and werewolves is demanded and in modern time.

The vampire - nearly the most popular hero in a cinema. Entered the list of the best of the best not only works of the left years, but also the last novelties. Directors and screenwriters often undertake an image of the dead person exhausting blood of the victim. Among vampires it is possible to meet the following versions: ghouls from works of the East European literature, the flying mice blood-suckers, insects and animals sucking blood like blood-thirsty bloodsuckers, the Romanian witches who turn around in vampires after death, and also many others.

However in a cinema the concept "vampire" is not always negative quality of the character, the hero who isn't doing the harm to mere mortals to people can be the vampire also. It is enough to remember characters of the "Twilight", telling about eternal life and eternal love.
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