Viva Forever poster

Viva Forever

HD 97 min
Every year since high school, Francesca, Sophie, Amali, Fana, Luz and Lotte spend a few days in summer at lake Garda. But this time, Lotte doesn’t join the beloved tradition. Her decision remains mysterious for the friends, fueling long-kept doubts about the value of this friendship that has become more superficial throughout the years. Now in their late twenties, the friends have grown apart, lifestyles and personalities have changed. The Lotte-topic becomes an “elephant in the room”, slowly poisoning the holiday vibes until it all escalates on the last day. Hurtful truths and accusations come to light. The friends start to realise that they relied too much on the past, taking their friendship for granted. For the first time in years, they are honest with them-selves, committing to define their friendship in the here and now.

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